SIMON, ADAM & SAM* VUELVEN A LA CARGA PARLANTE. Matthew Bowen and Ed Cotterill (you –and she– are invited to cross the ocean, my dear friends) presentan lo ultimísimo de The Parlour en el, lágrimas mediante, Hat on Wall, free entry, difícil salida. Leamos:

This collection of six short films brought together through a collaboration between Big Billy Records** and theparlour represents a showcase of emerging young talent and a further insight into the continuing possibilities of video art as a viable means of _expression of ideas. This collection also acknowledges an attempt to bring to the forefront some of the lingering questions that continue to haunt the further development of video art as artistic medium. Concepts such as artistic originality, the repetition of historical motifs, cultural and spiritual phenomenon and the nature of art itself are all put under the microscope in this diverse grouping of works. For more information please see attached file.

To celebrate this release we will be holding a little party at Hat On Wall on Friday 18th November. The DVD will be available for purchase for the first time and there will be music and dancing for all to enjoy.

dvd launch @ hat on wall
friday 18th november
8pm until 2am
free entry

hat on wall
24-28 hatton wall

nearest tube: farringdon


* Simon W Green, Adam Latham and Samuel Stevens: artists.

** La foto de la izquierda (pinchen sobre ella) pertenece al grupo de, sombrero en cresta, richard birkett (con minúsculas, supongo: tocan el monday, en the bull and gate, 389 kentish town road nw5; bájense los emepetrés).

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Publicado el miércoles, 9 de noviembre de 2005, a las 3 horas y 39 minutos

[1] be there or be square. ...or be there and dress square. thanks for the mention matias. i hope you can make it along...
Comentado por matthew parlour | 15/11/2005 12:43 | www.theparlour.org.uk
[2] Cheers, Mat.
Comentado por Matías Bruñulf | 15/11/2005 15:18

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